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    I am a healthy 29 y/o with a poor reproductive history. My first pregnancy ended with a medication abortion due to a personal issue I was having at that time. The medication abortion was in January 2008. In July 2008, I had a blighted ovum and it was terminated with a D&C. Around February 2009, I had another blighted ovum and it was also terminated with a D&C. End of May 2009, I got pregnant and for the first time, I saw a heartbeat. We were excited and everything was going well. I was on progesterone vaginal suppositories for that pregnancy. At 18w, I experienced pressure like symptoms and to make a long story short, I lost that preg due to Incompetent Cervix. I was told that IC is usually not diagnosed until, unfortunately, a second trimester loss occurs. I was induced and my little girl was born & died on Oct 3, 2009. From there on I was on Loestrin 24Fe. I stopped taking my birth control November 2010 because we decided that it was time to try again.
    I didn't chart or use OPK till February 2011. I became pregnant and when I had my first ultrasound, we saw the yolk sac, and I was started on progesterone. A week later, I had my follow up u/s and we saw the embryo with a heartbeat of 150. The only thing is that my OB said it worried him that the gestational sac was too small; it seemed as if the embryo was taking up most of the space inside the gestational sac. I was scheduled for a follow-up ultrasound in a week with the radiologist. Unfortunately, at that u/s, there was no longer a heartbeat. I am scheduled for a D&C tomorrow, April 19th. He plans to send the embryo for pathology review(I think that's what it's called) to see what happened.
    I asked my OB if there is something wrong with me and he assures me that there is nothing wrong with me. I find it difficult that out of 4 pregnancies, only one has developed into a healthy baby and her loss was due to IC. He says he has worked me up after my second blighted ovum and everything came back negative.
    Do you have any recommendations or testing that I should ask about? Is it pretty normal to have frequent losses?
    Please advice me.

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    I am so sorry to heaar of your losses. It would be very important to obtain chromsome analysis from this pregnancy lat was lost. If you are loosing chroomsomally normal pregnancies, then you should be evaluated for Immunologic and thrombophilic causes of your losses. For more information on the tests included int the Pregnancy Loss and Thrombophilia Panels you may visit the material on Recurrent Pregnancy Loss on this website or visit the website of FCLabs at Dr. Coulam

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    Default Pregnancy Loss

    Hello Doctor,

    My story is that I got married 9 months back, after 5 month to our marriage we decided to try for a baby, we kept on trying but I was unable to conceive, I went to 4 different doc and apparently everyone said that I am fine yet there is just no reason why I wasn't getting pregnant, then doc suggested me to take clomid 50mg for 5 days, which I did and I got pregnant, I found it on the very same day I missed my period, I was so happy and over excited ( as per my blood report my serum level was 400ml, whc as per the report range I was 4 weeks pregnant) , but then I had this viral fever and cough which is quite common in our cit/ country at the moment, my fever started from 100 and went upto 104...when I told me doc she suggested that I should just take pandadol and no other medicine, 3 days later I had a bad upset stomach issue and I completely dehydrated.. doc admited me in the hospital and put me on a-antibotic, I was on drips, I was there for 2 days - 3 glucose drip, 5 drips of antibotic flygel and 3 antibotic drip of trimax... while I was there I even contacted 2 other doc because I was not sure about these heavy medicine but they said that looking at my condition these medicine were important for me and are not harmful for the baby, anyways I got better and got home, and after 2 hours I started to bleed, I called my doc she said that its quite common and gave me another medicine and told me to have 2 of these and it will be fine, I did but nothing happened, and I started bleedin like crazy with heavy clots, i went to another doc in emergency n she said that I was given wrong and heavy medicine due to which baby is gone and even if I now try to keep the baby - it might carry some health issue so I should just let it go, even then she said that I should have an ultrasound, which I did, and apparently by uterus was clear, normal size, no gestational sac seen, no free fluid, right ovary 3.1*2.1 cm with anechoic cyst measuring 1.7cm, left ovary 2.8*1.8cm, normal size shape and echotexture.
    so the doc said that the baby is gone and said that I don't need D&C because it was way to early pregnancy and gave me medicine so that while I bleed everything get clear and empty.
    Now I have no idea what happen with me and why it happen, apart from the depression I am going through its very important for me to know that what was the reason behind what happen to me was it:
    1. My Health issue that was my high fever and stomach upset
    2. was that a wrong medicine and heavy antibiotics
    3. or I have internal issue? means my progesterone level was low?

    bwt I should also mention, that when I had clomid, doc told me to have a day 12 ultrasound, which I did and my though I had many follicles but size was 0.8cm and 0.7 cm and doc said that its way too small and I might not be getting pregnant this time... but then I did so did I miscarraige because of small egg size?? Also 2 month before I had my day 21 progesterone test.. it was 12.13 ng/ml, it was falling under my luteal phase (1.7 - 27 range). but then one doctor said that my level is fine, but then the other doc said that this level is too low, so I may not be able to sustain pregnancy ( if I got pregnant ever)...
    So I really don't know what to do next, can you please suggest any tests that I should go for or any other thing so that I maybe know what was the cause of my loss so that i may avoid it in future and this should not happen again, I am sorry for taking so much of your time but I really need help.

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    aS i MRNTIONED TO YOU IN AN EARLIER EMEAIL, i DONT THINK YOU DID ANYTHING WRONG. tHE ANTIBIOTIC TREATMENT WAS NESCESSARY AND APPROPRIATE. You should consult with your doctor for the next step in your treatment. Dr. Coulam

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