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    Default Please advise .

    I am 37 yrs old with 6 failed IVF's with own eggs , two of them had ended in chemical pregnancies , the rest were negative . Our issue is visibly poor embryo quality and even though i make upto 20 eggs each time , we ended with 3-4 poor quality day 3 embryos . Made only one blast in all 6 cycles , which was one of the chemicals . Now we are moving onto donor egg and very excited . The donor we have selected is 30 yrs old and has donated previously with positive pregnancies. Her last cycle she made 5 embryos , to were transferred and 3 frozen and pregnancy resulted .
    Coming to my question , I am debating on how many embryos to transfer , one vs two . I would like to have twins but am very afraid of complications of twin pregnancies . My BMI is 32 and both my sisters and mom had gestationa diabetes . At the same time I am desperate and would like to have more than one child if possible . The idea of two different pregnancies and getting even older for the next pregnancy does not appeal to me .
    I realise that twin pregnancy under my circumstances is risky , but how risky is it and what specifically are the complications that occur . What are the odds of having an uneventful twin pregancy vs an uneventful singleton pregnancy in my situation .
    Thank you for your advice .

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    Default twins

    The risk for vitual all pregnancy complications is higher in twin vs singleton pregnancy. Avg gestational age at delivery 36 weeks for twins, with ~50% cases delivered prior to this time

    No proven interventions to prolong pregnancy in twins

    good luck

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