I am 15w and just had a shidkodar cerclage placed a few days ago. We had planned it as a preventative measure since I had a shortened cervix around 26w with my last pgcy. Also

I was too late for cerclage then, so had to go on bedrest but made it to term.

This time, my cervix measured ok at 13 w but when the Dr went to do the cerclage procedure it was already started to shorten. It was down to 1.5 on the outter part of the cervix (not sure what the internal length is) so the DR was surprised it started so early (was only 14w5d).

My questions are: even though my cervix, should the cerclage hold up? I was advised bedrest for now.

If the cervix was short on the outside could it still be ok on the inside?

Is it normal to have pain and light red bleeding for 2 days after cerclage procedure? I'm having pain in ovarian area when I stand up and also having some cramping, like braxton hicks.