Hi -

Thanks for asking about us, Annette. I've taken a break from the boards for a while. This latest loss was very hard on us. I'm not sure why it's been so bad, but it has been. Maybe because we knew a little bit more about the embryos that were transferred? Maybe because it really should have worked? I don't know. It's been bad.

In the meantime, we made the follow up with the dr and it was the best follow-up we ever have had. He is making it his personal mission to get me pregnant. There is no reason that he can find why the last round didn't work and why we fell into the 15% instead of the 85%. I've had a hysteroscopy (very interesting, might I add), but nothing was found. There's no reason it didn't work. We had to wait 2 cycles before we can do anything and of course, I had a cyst so my cycle was 6 weeks!!! instead of 4. I'm just now waiting for my period in a few weeks and then I'll start BCPs. With the latest cycle changes, it looks like we'll be transferring in early August.

Mentally, we took a much needed vacation from life to San Diego and are now getting back into the swing of things with summer on the horizon. Like I said, I'm still really upset about this last cycle, but at least we have 4 more embryos waiting for us in the freezer. I'm still not mentally ready for this, but I guess we have some time, right? There have been many people fb-ing pregnancies and I seem to always be around pregnant women. It's been hard.

How's everyone else doing waiting out here? How are you, Annette?