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Thread: Anyone Know of Active Non International Adoption Boards?

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    Default Anyone Know of Active Non International Adoption Boards?

    My kids are now 7 & 8 and asking some questions I'd like to get others' feedback on.

    The adoption boards here are dead. Would love to find another place to take my questions.


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    Default Try...

    Adoptive families, they have message boards, broken into several specific groups. DS will be 8 on Monday, when he was born these boards were very active, what happened?? Good luck, Patty

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    Some posters got mad at the moderator and threw a fit so the boards were split into "moderated" and "support" boards. That, in addition to spliting the boards into every minor sub-type of adoption, just spread the posters out too much and it died. I tend to stop in a couple of times a year cause this place was such a part of our journey to parenthood, but it feels like a ghost town.

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