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Thread: Update on the rollercoaster...

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    Default Update on the rollercoaster...

    Well, I made it past the first two beta's, but I had my first ultrasound this morning and it wasn't great news. Keep in mind that we don't know the dates, but... the sac only measured 5w3d. I was thinking it should be around 6-7w... 5w3d doesn't sound right at all. They wanted me to wait 7-10 days for the next u/s, but I just can't go that long. We are going on a mini vacation next week Wednesday, and I am going to schedule another u/s on Wednesday morning before we leave just to check for growth. I am expecting bad news though... I have been tearing up since the appt. One of my previous RE nurses popped in after we talked to the PA- it was nice to see a familar face and friend.

    This wasn't planned, but I sure did get attached to this little bean!


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    Default Hugs, Sonia.

    I hope your little miracle pulls through. These early weeks are just so hard. Maybe the timing is just off? Sending super positive vibes.


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    Default hugs

    What night can I bring supper?

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