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Thread: Pcos and Menopur

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    Question Pcos and Menopur

    Im 33 and have Pcos. I have 1 successful pregnancy 5 yrs. ago and 1 miscarriage in 2009. I just finished a cycle of Menopur. My dose was 2 vials a day for 13 days and I only produced 1 follicle @ 18.7. My question is ,is it normal for it to take that long on Menopur to produce 1 follicle??

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    It can be normal to take that long. Two vials per day is a low dose, but with PCOS there is often a threshold above which numerous follicles develop. Normally, 9-11 days of medication use is required prior to ovulation, so a 13 day course is still normal.

    If you do not ovulate on other medications, then this was a good cycle, with few risks involved. But if you have been releasing a single egg with less potent medications, then the use of Menopur to release a single egg may not be providing a better likelihood of success, unless you had cervical mucous changes or lining effects associated with the use of clomiphene.

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