Hi I am 43. I got pregnant in 2007 but it ended at 24 weeks due to upd 14 - from the father's side. I am with a different partner now - we are engaged to be married and have been trying to conceive for the last 3 years. I have seen a fertility specialist who recommended IVF - I had IVF last February but miscarried. My doctor thinks I should try using donor eggs. Of course, I would like to use my own eggs. My doctor thinks I am too old and don't have good egg quality. ( I have had friends that have conceived naturally and am hoping I can do the same.) Should I go the donor route or seek other opinions? I am healthy and look to be in my late 20's - my fiancee is healthy and the same age as I am and we very much would like children. Should I try and save for the costly donor IVF or seek another opinion?