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Thread: Cabergoline in early preg

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    Default Cabergoline in early preg

    Can you tell me your thoughts on the safety of Cabergoline in early pregnancy? I have been taking it since HCG trigger and doctor wants me to continue to take it for first 2 weeks of pregnancy. Is this something you prescribe? How safe is it?


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    Cabergoline is safe to use in early pregnancy. It should be stopped, however once pregnancy is confirmed. If you have elevated prolactin levels, this will return that hormone to a normal level. Elevated prolactin levels can affect the second half of the month (the luteal phase), but once pregnancy is established, control of that hormone is not necessary. There are some women who have pituitary tumors for which the cabergoline is continued throughout pregnancy without complications or concerns. So it is safe, but it is stopped because it is no longer necessary for most women once pregnancy occurs.

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