I am shocked that i find my self pg at 38 with out trying. I was a Dr Beer patient in 2004 and had my miricle son Jackson(IVF, IVIG the works). I have PCOS, antiphosphiod antibody syndrome, and MHFR, and have since been dx with a lupus like connecive tissue disorder. Last year I had 4 siezures(NOW ON DILANTIN) in one day, gave myself 4 compression fractures in my vertibre and they found 20+ brain lesions. I have since changed my diet drastically.. following a diet I healed my son from (recovered from autism). well it must have been working for me because I ahve started to cycle regularly (I may have hd 5 natural cycles in my life) and had 9 straight cycles. I had no ideamy immune system was in good enough shape to allow this all to happen. That this happen at all , makes me feel that i wasreally on to something nutritionally.. butis been along tie since i hav been undr a RI' care and Dr Beer is gone.. I feel lost and scared... any advise?