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Thread: flying in 1st trimester

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    Default flying in 1st trimester

    I will be traveling from NY to texas about a 4.5 hr. flight and may be around 5 weeks pregnant at the time. I had no problems in my first pregnancy. Is it safe to make this trip if I will still be in my first trimester.

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    Unfortunately, I cannot provide specific advice since I am not familiar with your specific history. In general however, there is very little concern regarding travel of the duration that you describe. It is important to remain hydrated and "take action" (get up and walk around periodically) to minimize the risk of blood clots. Give yourself plenty of time to minimize your stress and you will continue to thrive!

    Safe travels,

    Robert Greene, MD, FACOG

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    The possibility of a miscarriage is quite high until the third month of pregnancy, so I wouldn't risk if I were you, unless you're just have to do it for an impottant reason.

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