For the past year, I've been trying to conceive with no luck. I've been prodded and tested, adn given up blood... and the fertility specilists can't find anything wrong, blocked, infected or broken. I've had unplanned pregnancies in the past, but now that I want to have a child, no dice.

I've been told that my age is a factor. If it only takes one sperm and one egg... why is getting pregnant soo difficult, expensive and depressing?

I tried a IUI cycle with a donor sperm and nothing happened. My partner and I have not used birth control in years, still nothing. I've stared taking herbal supplements to increase my chances... the herbs have reduced the extreme cramps and heavy bleeding that I experienced every 28 days.

But, still no pregnancy in site.

Question, why don't OB/GYNs tell their aptiens the truth when they are young? Why don't they tell us that if we don't start planning a family by the time we're 30 years old, chances are we never will have children of our own? My GYn always told me that I had "time" and kept refilling my prescription for more birth control pills.