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    Hi all, just wanted to tell you about our meeting with our RE this week.

    Unfortunately it wasn't the most positive of meetings though I suppose it could be worse.

    The good news is that she hasn't given up on us completely in that if we want a 4th treatment with IVF she'd press our case. She saw enough improvement in the 3rd cycle to show that a pregnancy with IVF is possible, in a 50/50 kind of way. Especially with how poor the first to cycles were, she feels we may deserve another shot. The down side to that is that we did an aggressive treatment using a Lupron trigger that involves letting the estrogen fly sky high, and then using supplements to try and prevent the progesterone and estrogen levels from crashing after ovulation. It's a lot for a woman's system to take and I don't think our RE would do it very many times. She is going to have a meeting with her partners about it and give us their consensus after that. If we do go on, we'll probably have to do a full blood panel that could be quite expensive. It would show if her body is fighting off the embryos though so it may be worth it.

    The bad news is that she told us that our best chance lies in egg donations, which really felt like a mortal blow to our journey. Her eggs are just not good... At this point in our lives, my wife is not comfortable with that and I absolutely can't blame her. I'm not really there either.

    She of course then provided us literature on the counseling center they partner with, which felt like mortal blow #2. I guess depending on what our RE comes back to us with, we may have to check them out though.

    She also asked what adoption was like in Japan where my wife is from. Mortal blow #3...

    She wrote us a couple months prescription to Clomid to try with for a few months, likely taking the rest of this year off at least. We're both in pretty low places right now. I'm hoping when we snap out of that, the answers that we are looking for will become a lot clearer.

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    Default (((hugs))))

    I am so so sorry that your RE didn't have better news today.

    But you have to do whatever is right and best for YOU and YOUR family. If trying again is right and you need to know if that will work or not, then you need to try that. If it's best for you to stop, then you need to do that. If you are ready to explore adoption, then do that. You need to live with whatever your decision is at the end of the day. And fortunately, you don't need to make that decision today. Take some time to heal and take care of yourselves.

    I think the counseling center that they partner with sounds like a great first step of sorting out some of the emotion of all of this. You have been through a LOT. It probably wouldn't hurt to talk it through with someone who understands but is a little distanced from it.

    Thinking of you!!! ((hugs))

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    I am really very sorry to hear that. Stay encouraged.


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