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Thread: surgery and still fibroids

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    Angry surgery and still fibroids

    I am 42yrs old, I had surgery last year,thinking everything is ok, my fibroids came back, I am also hypothyroid, which is even harder, I have been trying for more than 6 years didnt know why I couldnt, have any one more child, cried everynight even more because I feel there is something wrong with me. how can I get rid of fibroids, my doctors said that fiboids close my fallopian tube, it seem its always something, I dont know what to do anymore I need help help, If I didnt want any children, I didnt want it like this I wanted to have a choose on whether I wanted to have a child

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    I think you are in serious condition and you might consult some professional top level doctor if you can afford and here is a good news for you that your disease is curable purely. Just need to diagnose your current condition.

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