Greetings everyone,

I have been hoping to adopt a child around age of 5 from foster care system. Dh has been up and down with our discussions. Lately he has been reluctant because of concerns financially for future college and in general. He also has expressed he is content with where we are now as a family. Years ago he promised me we would adopt. I have tried to think about how I would feel if we didn't, but it has been so heartbreaking and I feel my heart is so full of love to have a child.

Hugs to anyone reading and going through adoption.

Any advice on how to help get dh more enthusiatic or at least willing to try this and go to classes?

I am thinking of writing him an E-mail, because when we try to talk about this he avoids my eye contact lately. I think he really has mixed feelings and it's so hard to deal with. Has anyone gone through this and then had dh feel better eventually?

Take good care,

LM (orig. from TAL)