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Thread: Repeat Subsequent Miscarriage - unexplained

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    In January 2011, after trying to conceive for 8 months, I found out that I was pregnant. I was 38 at the time, am now 39 and have never been pregnant. I had just had my first appointment with an infertility specialist and found out that I was already pregnant on my own a few days after that appointment. At 6 weeks, the gestational sac was there, and corpus luteum, but no fetal pole or heartbeat. Ten days later, no new development, and 1 week later, still nothing new. My doctor recommended and performed a DNC. My husband I and did all of the basic tests, tubes not blocked, uterus normal (except slightly T-shaped), sperm motility and count good, ovarian reserve good, etc. I did IUI cycles for a couple months without success, then took a couple months off. During the couple months off, I conceived again, on my own without infertility treatment. No sooner than I found out I was pregnant, I spontaneously miscarried at about 5 weeks. I did 2 more IUI cycles and conceived on the second one. Progesterone levels were good, and HCG a little low at first, but was more than doubling every 48 hours for the first week (week 5). I spontaneously miscarried at 5 1/2 weeks. I have a negative blood type and was given rhogam after the DNC on my first pregnancy. No one gave me rhogam after either of the second 2 miscarriages, even though I asked about it. My friend said she had similar miscarriages and then her doctor did a blood test. She had some antibody that attacked her embryos early in her pregnancy, causing repeat miscarriages at 5-10 weeks (same as me). They gave her something (don't know what) and she immediately had 2 healthy babies 2 years apart. What should I ask for when I see my doctor in a couple weeks? I know some miscarriages are completely unexplained, but I'd like to know what tests or treatments to ask about and whether or not I have any chance of figuring this out and possibly treating it so I can carry my pregnancies to full term. It's frustrating because I seem to be able to GET pregnant, but just can't seem to stay that way.

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    I am sorry to hear of you miscarriages. You should talk with your doctor about being evaluated for bothe immunologic and thrombophilic risk factors for your miscarriages. For more information about the tests involved you may visit the material of Recurrent Pregnancy loss oh this website or visit the website of FCLab at FCLab.US. Dr. Coulam

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