Dear Dr. Gordon:

I am 36 with no known fertility issues except that I am a poor responder to stim meds and had a cervical surgery, so I might have a scar tissue there. My husband has secondary idiopathic hypogonadotropic hypogonadism and retrograde ejaculation (however he is being treated and can produce sperm now. At some point, he was not even able to ejaculate and had a low sperm! He is within normal range now). We tried 4 failed IUIs (with Clomid and Femara). We also attempted an IVF, but I produced 11 eggs (2 lead 9 small) and we cancelled the cycle per doctor's recommendations. Our protocol was LA. Our doctor now suggests to try LPG. Do you know anything about LPG protocol for poor responders? I read about it and it seems promising. I wanted to see if you think we are on the right track? If this doesn't work, what are our chances with natural cycle IVF or mini-stim? I had responded well to Clomid.

Thanks in advance.