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Thread: small gestational sac concerns

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    Default small gestational sac concerns

    Dear Dr Greene,

    Ive just gone through my 2nd round of IVF as my husbands vas reversal was a failure. I had blood test on 24th Dec and got Positive outcome.
    HCG (16dpo was 447). Then at 20dpo it was 1300 (28th Dec), then at 27dpo (4th Jan) it was 3073. It didnt rise much during this week.

    Today was my viability scan. Before i went in, my dates were that i was 7w5d pregnant. Scan revealed i was 7w6d pregnant, 171bpm heart rate but gestational sac was measuring 5w5d in size.

    From what i can tell on the report, baby is 15.1mm and ges sac is 15.0mm. Is this possible? Doesnt sound right to me. My own Dr has refered me to go back in a weeks time for another u/s.

    From what i have read, it doesnt look good for me.
    I have no bleeding, no cramping, no morning sickness. My only symptoms are tiredness and sore breasts.

    Im 36 years old. Any informaion would be greatly appreciated.

    Kindest regards

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    Default Pregnancy-by-the-numbers

    Dear Ange,
    Congratulations on your pregnancy!Sounds like you're off to a strong start. I wouldn't worry too much about the specifics. Biology is the least mathematical of the sciences. The numbers that you refer to are all considered averages which means that they are a summary of the range of normal. For instance, even though blogs and internet have cemented the idea for women that the hCG needs to double every 24 hours; the research studies show that if the increase is 60%, that is just as reassuring. Similarly, the measurements do not need to follow precise calculations. Best of all, several studies have found that a steady fetal heart rate over 130 BPM is the most reassuring sign at your current stage of pregnancy. So I would remain optimistic but keep in mind it is still early in your pregnancy to don't celebrate too publicly just yet.
    Best thoughts,

    Robert Greene, MD, FACOG
    CNY Fertility Centers

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    Default Thank you for your reply - Small gest sac

    Hi Dr Greene,

    Thank you for your reply. It has eased my mind a little. I have my next scan on Tue 24th, so I will let you know how that goes. I guess i have worried myself sick as everywhere i read, I have found that if the gestational sac is less than 5mm than the CRL, then the outcome is likely to be a miscarriage. From my readings, I have a 4-20% chance of beating this... I like your reply much better than anything else i have read , so will stay with these positive thoughts for now.

    i really appreciate your words.
    Thank you kindly

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