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Thread: Update on the mass

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    Default Update on the mass

    I had another ultrasound this morning.

    First thing- Baby is awesome! Last week the length was .75 cm, this week it's 1.5 cm. HB was 164. And it's measuring a day ahead at 7w6d.

    The mass is getting smaller (last week it was 10-11 cm, this week it's 7 cm). That's a good sign! They also had a name for it. Venous lake? And while they were talking about it, the placenta was brought up. Of course I consulted Dr Google. There is reference to Placental venous lake occuring at all stages of pregnancy. So... as long as it's not interferring with babe- I'm going to keep my worrying to a minimum.

    Next appt is in 2 weeks.

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    WaHoo!! So, so, so happy for you! Glad you got such great news!!!!

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