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Thread: SOTO'S syndrome

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    Default SOTO'S syndrome

    does anyone here have a child/ren with soto's syndrome? a really good friend has identical twins with soto's syndrome and needs some help ... so until she can get registered here i am asking all of you about it

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    Christine S Guest

    Default I'm sorry, I wish I could help.....

    But I know nothing about it. However, we'd all be happy to lend support for your friend.


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    Default Hugs to your friend....

    I had never heard of this before, but here is a link with some info about organizations that may help her.

    Maybe someone here will know more.


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    Ihostmom2mitchandnick Guest

    Default No help either......

    but big fat hugs coming to you and your friend!
    Mary Ann and Nicholas

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