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Thread: Trek - what happened with Grant

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    Default Trek - what happened with Grant


    I've been thinking about you and wondering what came out of your meeting with the district? What about Holt?

    I think of the struggles that you go through with the district frequently and wonder how you are making out. Are you done for the school year?


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    Renee~ Thanks for thinking of my boys! Now that my sister has a child(in NJ) that the teacher has referred for testing (he is probably Aspergers) and for help for writing-I now realize what a HUGE difference there is among states and even districts in a state.

    Grant: Great team of teachers, and the adjustment to 6th grade was better than I could have hoped. Did he have a stellar year as far as grades, no. In fact he failed math, has a D, 2 cs in core subjects, but he passed all the state testing with only modified math. More importantly his teachers helped get his self-confidence back and he enjoyed learning again, especially in social studies. I will never forget his teachers and the other staff who worked as a team and included us as part of the team. We still used an advocate for his annual on May 22nd, still not getting what he needs as regards to social skills, but at least he will get help in the school setting. Besides 3 months in 3rd grade he has never had social skills help in the school setting. It is a major issue-he does not know how to interact with peers and his main behavior issues stem from it. Had a good BIP put into place as the start of year is always rough (4 months is too long to adjust IMHO).

    Holt: Had a great 1st grade year. Had to increase speech again, and there is some concern about his phonological issues affecting his writing and the process of writing is difficult. But, he really liked the gifted program and actually excelled in it. His favorite academic subject is math and we probably should have moved him into 2nd grade math this past school year. Now, they will not let him move onto 3rd since they are changing to the common core. I just hope he has a teacher who will challenge him in math in the 2nd grade.

    Thanks for asking.

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