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Thread: local article on state testing...

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    Default local article on state testing...

    Many are aware of CRCT testing scandal in Atlanta schools. Here is another article that could have stemmed from our experience over the past several years:

    For those that live in NJ, you are so blessed. The systems for the most part go above and beyond in that state. My nephew who has no formal dx, and is making all 4s and a few 3s on his report card has received social skills help all year despite having several friends outside of school. He also will receive OT next school year. Neither of my boys receive OT despite having well below average scores on several well known assessments for fine/gross motor skills. It is not only my boys, but others who truly struggle with writing. Mainly, if you can hold a pencil, than you do not need services in our county.

    It has taken us 9 years to finally get in school help for Grant regarding social skills-outside of speech room! He did receive a couple of months of lunch bunch in 3rd grade, but due to medical issues of teacher that was short lived. Grant has had only ONE friend he met at school (in 6th grade) and meaning someone who wanted to spend time with Grant both at school and outside of school-sadly that boy moved out of state in March. This was the first friend he made on his own. The other friend is someone he has known since he was 6 months old, but they hardly interact (maybe 3x a year) despite seeing one another at karate on Saturdays. Yet, my nephew has sleepovers with his friends-something Grant has NEVER had and he is almost 13! Also, they finally sent home type to learn program to download finally, after years of asking for it.

    As far as Grant's scores-there has been only one year he failed the state test (5th), but many years we often wondered how he could do so well if he was failing or not meeting the standards areas such as math and reading. Tests like ITBS and Wechsler Achievement Tests seem more aligned to where Grant truly is as far as skill ability. Borderline or below grade level.

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    I suspect the article is highlighting a common issue across all states....

    An easy way to see if your child is really doing the level work the school claims, just download the old state test for his grade. Since the curriculum is approaching nationwide, it doesn't have to be a test from your state, lessening the possibility he has already reviewed during class test prep time. Have him complete the test at home, under similar circumstances. Compare the test scores roughly and see if there are parallels.

    I agree with you that Wechsler and ITBS are more appropriate for kids skill set. Schools don't like to do them since they are time and costly...

    Wish you could win lotto and move anywhere you could to help out your children, and provide them with the services they need to succeed. It's so hard feeling like we're isolated, struggling with these issues.

    XO! N

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    Default I'm betting that as Nancy

    said this is the case in far too many states. You continue to be an excellent advocate for your boy(s). I've found the website both motivating and discouraging - someone gets it and at the same time no one relevant to our immediate needs "gets it". Hang tough and plow forward.


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