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    Finally, after many years my son who has high functioning Autism and speech impairment has primary disabilities in school setting will FINALLY receive social skills help in the school setting outside of the speech room for 1 hour per week. They could see this year in 6th grade that he lacks the ability to interact appropriately with peers. Why are they not utilizing lunch time? I did suggest they offer something 1x a month like a "lunch bunch", but was turned down. I feel strongly that the skills they learn inside a classroom need to be tried IRL situations for my son to truly internalize them.

    Also, my son failed 6th grade math, but passed the modified math CRCT this year. He also failed 5th grade math, and failed 2x the math CRCT last year the 2nd time after summer school. He had 2 math classes (co-taught and study skills)and math connect class this school year, private math tutoring outside of school and tutoring for the benchmarks at school as well. They denied ESY since he passed the modified math CRCT. Also, on his IEE testing last June he was dx has having a math disorder. He scored bordeline or below average in most math subtests on the WIAT via IEE testing last June, and the same this past March though they used a different edition of the test.
    We spent many hours each night helping Grant with his 6th grade math homework and reviewing for tests.

    We obtain help from local advocate, but after the next payment we will have to stop using her due to expense. She did help us obtain several things and is good at IEP meetings catching things that both my husband & I overlook. But, our district and our state is definitely lacking compared to the services offered to my nephew who is not yet dx with any disability and who is meeting or exceeding on standards and whose testing yielded results less severe than my son Grant's testing showed at the same age and currently shows

    Grant has not been promoted to the next grade level since he was a rising 1st grader. Yet, they just keep pushing him along. We have had several IEEs, yet they seem to look at the CRCT over any other testing even their administration of the WIAT in March for math!

    Any suggestions welcome. Grant did have amazing teachers in 6th grade, who cared and were great at communicating. But, I am sacred for Grant's ability to complete a regular HS diploma and have it mean something. He also struggles with reading and writing, though he passed all other classes this year, some though were almost Ds (1 point away). He truly worked very hard, his teachers worked hard, and both his father and I worked hard to help with HW, class projects and reviewing for tests. Again, am unsure if going a regular diploma route is the most appropriate route for Grant? How can receiving Fs and Ds help with Grant's self-confidence? Because, this upcoming school year due to other demands I am unsure of how much HW help we can offer him without being detrimental to Grant. He certainly, needs to learn how to function more independently. We have always written on HW that Grant required 1:1 help to understand and complete the assignment. What we did not do, but will this upcoming year is keep detailed paper trail-including email to his teacher & case manager. They also note he needs 1:1 in a lot of classes as well.

    Sorry to ramble-inclusion is great, regular diplomas are great, but only if the child is near grade level in reading, writing and math IMHO. They are using the CRCT to say my son is, yet other testing from IEE and their own testing last March for 3 year re-eval showed otherwise. And of course his placement in grades over the years show he has struggled to meet standards. I am thinking his math goals for next year need to be rewritten too. But, I'll save that for another post.
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