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Thread: switching from Celexa to Zoloft

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    Default switching from Celexa to Zoloft

    generics on both - any insights, comments or personal input to share? DS has Aspergers dx with ADHD, anxiety, depression and OCD.


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    Default We did a very short period of Z

    DS has aspergers and anxiety, he had a rough year last year and was very down on himself. After we started Z, he gained about 10-15 pounds in about a half year. He also hated how it made him felt, said he "didn't feel like himself." Hated it. We took him off the pill (school situation got better) last summer. He weighed 86 at his peak. He is now naturally back to 70 pounds!! Before the Z, he was a tall skinny kid, and now he's back to his regular body composition. BTW, he's about to turn 9 and is 4 feet nine inches.

    Good luck, just wanted to share our experience. We didn't notice that big of a difference when he was on the drug, just the weight gain. We would have to think long and hard before going back to anything.

    Sorry if that's no help. Good luck!

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    Grant 7th grader tried both in the past- had to stop for various reasons. Has been on combo of Risperdal & Paxil for 2 years now.

    Good luck!

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