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Thread: anyone hear of Rhabdomyolysis (sib ment)

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    Default anyone hear of Rhabdomyolysis (sib ment)

    my 3 year old with cp and hypoganglionosis ( a form of hirschsprungs) has been having problems since december with elevated cpks. They are now 420 and the normal range for her is 24 - 70. The neurologist called me on monday nite to tell me and i am waiting for his call on friday to tell me which dr is going to follow her and the plan of care. I am understanding we need ot have a muscle biopsy done. I am soo worried she looks fine when she doesnt have an attack but otherwise she looks rough. Denise

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    Default I've never heard of this...

    but I wanted to give you a and say I hope that everything goes well witht he doctor consult. Good luck.


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    Default I am of no help either

    But hopefully someone here will be.
    I can offer you big fat giant hugs tho....and please know that we are all here for you!
    Mary Ann and Nicholas

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