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    Default Unsure......PCOS

    I'm 36 with one vaginal pregnancy in 1993. In 1999 I had a bilateral ectopic pregnancy with one 5 week fetus and a 10 week fetus. They did a salpingectomy on both tubes. I don't have cycles but wanting to know my options for becoming pregnant. I'm in the diagnosis stage and all test are normal or show signs of PCOS.. Haven't had a ultrasound or no other tests except for blood work. Also had one other miscarriage @5 months before ectopic. RE had prescribed provera and pregestrone im injection to get a cycle. Can you shed some light? no cycle yet.....

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    If you have lost both fallopian tubes, then you will need IVF to conceive. During IVF, we stimulate many eggs to grow, so the PCOS related ovulation changes that women experience are not an issue.

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    Default Dr. Williams - you remind me of Anderson Cooper

    INCIID is a fantastic place with VIP experts like Dr. Williams. Thanks for posting the information. I found this FAQ helpful too
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