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Thread: just checking in to say hi

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    Default just checking in to say hi

    hi all,

    i miss you checking in on you all daily. but am glad to be out of smog filled atlanta for a few more days. charlotte, i know mason must be having rough time. mckevor and i were too last week. i'll call you soon.

    for others, there are several posts that i want to respond to but time is short. so i'll respond next week or maybe this sunday when i'm back home. mickey says hi to everyone and wants to meet you all soon as well

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    Default Absolutely awful....

    Mason's hacking up his lungs....pray for more rain. Jealous that you are out wherever. FYI: Dh finally took me to Ikea yesterday. I love some of their stuff. When we left there was a mother behind us with one in a stoller and a kid about ds' age taggin along complaining about his shoes hurting. She was cursing the store....I'll never go back there again etc...Dh and I just laughed when we got to the car. No way we would have taken ds there. She should have my kids.

    He He,

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