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Thread: Gardisil vaccination?? Yes or No? (m)

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    Default Yup

    DD is almost 12 and will finish up the series this month. I like the option to give it now. She didn't even ask what it was, just like every other vaccine she's gotten. I don't want to wait until she's older and have to explain that, OK now you're getting this in case you have sex. I didn't want it to be associated with that at all. I will get it for dS as well, but probably not for a couple years.

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    Default I thought that too, but there is some new research (m)

    that is suggesting that:
    1-It is only good for 5 years
    2-It offers more protection if the female has already been exposed to HPV or is already sexually active (ie, adult).

    That is why I am on the fence, or at least thinking of waiting several years...


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