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Thread: No water allowed at cross country practice?

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    Default ah, the voice of reason. Smart advice. :)

    My own DD has misinterpreted or exaggerated (not saying your DS is doing this) -- so given that, and LL's good advice, I might start by inquiring, "My DS is under the impression that runners are not allowed to consume water during practice. Is this accurate?"

    If the coach confirms this, you can proceed one way...if he says, "Of course not--what crazy person would ever say this?!" then you can proceed another.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LL2 View Post
    I would just be careful, because it is amazing how much the tone or even the content of something can change from one telling to another. There may be some mitigating detail that your DS forgot or didn't hear. Yes, it's entirely possible the guy is just a moron, but if there *is* something else, you'll feel less bad if you go in assuming the best. Then if he IS a moron, you have my blessing to go postal
    Well, I was there to watch the last 40 minutes of practice. It was outside, of course. The boys had NO water. - not one bottle - in a group of about 80 kids. DS told me that the coach said, "you don't need water".

    The girls practice separately-- they all had water bottles with them.

    I am going to e-mail the coach. And I agree-- tone is everything. There will be nothing confrontational about my e-mail.


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