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Thread: Looking for clinics

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    Default Looking for clinics

    Hi! I am new to this forum. We just recently had our first IUI done and today had a neg preg test. We are looking into IVF and here in Memphis the cost is going to be around 15,000. We are looking at a place in St Louis that is 7500. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks

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    I am here in Memphis too, and the cost is outrageous. I was looking at Atlanta and their financial programs. Because I cannot afford to go through the IVF, lord forbid that it doesn't work, and then I can get a refund. I will cross state lines thank you.

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    Hi all, have you looked into Sher Institute ( They ahve excellent success rates and the cost is less than other places. Also, have you thought about applying for an INCIID Heart Scholarship? Good luck to you!!!

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