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Thread: Unexplained Infertility and Recurrent M/C (7yrs & still hoping)

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    Question Unexplained Infertility and Recurrent M/C (7yrs & still hoping)

    Well I'm not really sure what I'm doing on here, but I just turned 30 and feel like I'm at the end of the road. Is it time to give up on my body?
    Some background info:
    Miscarriage 1 @ 16 yrs old, Blighted Ovum, DNC required
    Miscarriage 2 @ 18 yrs old, 12 weeks, unexplained
    Miscarriage 3, 2011, 6wks, unexplained
    Miscarriage 4, 2012, 6wks, unexplained

    2005 (late) Started trying to conceive around Military schedule
    2006 consult with VA Dr, given timing information
    2007 1 round of Clomid w/progesterone cream, HSG 1 blocked tube
    2008/2009 Husband deployed- Natural/timed
    2010 2 cycles Comid, 1 with progesterone one w/o
    2011 Natural Pregnancy (no meds), natural/timed, 2 cycles clomid, 1 cycle GonalF pen 75, HSG 1 side blocked, iui
    2012 Natural Pregnancy (no Meds), tubal, HSG no blocked tubes, laparoscopic surgery~found Ovary and tube connected to wall/ L side, 1 round GonalF multidose 150.

    We plan on doing one more cycle of GonalF but at this point Iím not too optimistic, nor is Dr. and wants me to go IVF but Iím not sure if that is the best option considering my recurrent M/cís.
    I am at a loss! Should I even try IVF or would it be a waste of money? I have someone across the country who would be willing to surrogate but may be too expensive, is it time for me to give up on my own body and start going that route?

    Thank you
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    IVF will help you establish a pregnancy. But before doing that, you should talk with your doctor about being tested for both immunologic and thrombophilic risk factors for recurrent pregnancy loss. For more information on the tests included in the Pregnancy Loss and Thrombophilia Panels you mayvisit the material on Recurrent Pregnancy Loss on this website or visit the website of Fertility and Cryogenic Laboratory at Dr. Coulam

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