Hi Autism Mom.

Your last post ended with the following:

"You aren't alone. Weve all been there.

My next answer for you will follow in a few days. Ill answer your question or rather misgivings in your statement,
I must admit that after almost ten years of IEP meetings I still don't feel as if I have a good grasp on the process.
The answer to this misgiving will include a discussion about signing IEPs, what constitutes an IEP meeting, and something about Independent Education Evaluations how to get the school to listen to what you have to say about them.

Thank you Autism Mom."

I needed that.

Whats a few days among friends.

The truth. When INCIID had the website disaster I, well, got lazy.

Ill try to catch up.

The original title of this thread is Getting an IEE Thrown Out.

Because the questions and answers have gotten a teeny bit outside that title, Im taking the liberty of renaming the threads to conform with the questions and the answers.

My next post will be IEEs, Splinter Skills and getting pulled through the ringer. It is an answer to one of the questions you posted that is gathering moss around the edges.