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Thread: Triploidy, miscarriage, IVF with PGD

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    Default Triploidy, miscarriage, IVF with PGD

    Hi Hi Carolyn

    Am 40 and here is my story:
    I conceived naturally (after 2 months) a healthy baby boy that I delivered full term when I was 37.5 yo in 2010.
    I then went onto being pregnant 2 more times (conceiving each time after 2 months) and had twice a mist miscarriage and a D&C at 11 and 10 weeks respectively. Both biopsies show triploidy (chromosomes being perfectly healthy but replicated 3 times vs.2, anecdotally both boys again)
    I then fell pregnant another time in 2012 and had a miscarriage at 5 weeks in March 2012. I was then tested for lupus anticoagulant, antinuclear factor, anticardiolipin antibodies (all negative) and my karyotype came back normal.
    I then tried IVF to allow me to do the PGD in May, June, July 2012. My FSH was 7.2, my natural follicle count was 5+5 but my AMH was extremely low (0.1). After a long cycle with a very aggressive protocol (450 Gonal F + 150 luveris) I really only manage to produce 1 egg of acceptable size and the IVF was cancelled (eggs not retrieved). (My husband has perfectly healthy sperm but has never been tested for chromosomic abnormalities but did all the usual tests for IVF- all ok)
    I have started again to try naturally in September 2012, had a cycle tracking last month that showed 2 good size follicles growing and normal ovulation a few days later. In December my antral follicle count was reduced (3 or 4 overall)-- been taking DHEA for 2-3 months now.
    I have had abnormal bleeding this year during my cycle: I bleed for a few days, then my period stops (4-5 days) and then I start bleeding again for 1 day and a bit (scan shows blood stuck in my uterus)-- my (new) doctor is looking into doing another scan early in my cycle to see if this could mean I have some tissue left (shape of my uterus apparently means that you can only be 100% positive when the lining is very very thin)-- had many scans this year showing this residual blood but it has always cleared up but nobody (obstetrician or IVF specialist) were concerned.
    Am not sure if there is anything you could recommend/ think of to help?
    Quite heartbreaking to now be 40 and facing a more challenging fertility profile due to what all the doctors have called 'bad luck'. It's really hard to keep positive after 3 miscarriages in a row.
    I live in London but would be happy to go to the USA for treatment as everyone is telling me the best place for fertility issues are the States...

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    Ps: if there are anyone on this forum who had a similar experience, advise or anything that could help I would love to hear from you too...

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    I am sorry to hear of your difficulties, It would be important to know whether your miscarriages are a result of problems within your uterus or the pregnancy itself. Since yyou are from so far away, we could start with a telephone consultation to try to determine which of these major categories is happening. If you would like an appointment for a telephone consultation just call 88888847 869 7777. Dr. Coulam

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