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    Default just need some assurance

    I posted this in another forum but didn't get a response .

    I am a 45yr old in good health. Had a tubal reversal 4yrs ago. Had all but given up on becoming pregnant, but had a positive pregnancy test new years day. My lmp was 11/25/12. Had lots of cramps for a week when my cycle was due but no bleeding at all. First scan on 1/16/13 showed the following ..... EV US reveals a 6w 1d IUP WITH YOLK SAC well visualized. Yolk sac is slightly increased in size measuring 6.9mm. Fetal heart rate is 94bpm. There is a small funds intramural fibroid measuring1.8cm in the greatest diameter. Overtures appear nl bilaterally with a 2.0cm thick walled cyst mist likely representing a corpus lutel cyst of pregnancy. Doppler of both overies is normal. Edd by lmp 9/1/13 edd crl 9/11/13 CRL .3999cm GS 1.56cm

    My doctor saw me approx 11 months ago and said a fertility workup all my levels came back great she said I was still considered very fertil.

    At this visit she said not do an exam but we talked . She expressed no concern about the pregnancy and we discussed my up coming trip to Canada for two months. She said it would be fine to wait till I return in the first of april to be seen. And made another appointment for an us as I will be 16-18 weeks then . Can you tell me should I be concerned, are these numbers normal? Can I just relax till my next scan? (( crying)) I've wanted this for so long

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    Dear Shirley,
    I truly wish that I had the ability to provide you with reassurance. Although there is nothing ominous in the situation that you describe, I do not have enough information to be entirely reassuring. At 45 years of age, any pregnancy warrants greater supervision (my opinion). I encourage you to remain optimistic but also feel that if you need additional support prior to April, you should seek it out. In the meantime, if any specific complaints arise it would at least be worth a call to your doctor's office.
    Best thoughts,

    Robert Greene, MD,FACOG
    CNY Fertility Center

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