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Thread: Telling or not telling your children how they were conceived

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    Default Telling or not telling your children how they were conceived

    I am looking for a forum that will help me in deciding whether or not to tell our children how they came into this world. We went through donor FET and now have twins. I am not sure how to approach the topic, if at all. I want it to be appropriate for them to understand... any guidance on where to find others in this situation would be greatly appreciated.
    I used to frequent these boards several years ago, when we were going through all of our infertility decisions, procedures, etc. this is the BEST site!!

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    Arrow I suggest you direct people from the PNO forum to this page

    Inciid was up and down and up again, and I think the Parents Night Out forum (PNO) is the only one that survived. I bet if you asked people there to check out your post here, you would get more responses.

    We ended going with adoption and we started talking about dd's story before she even knew what we were talking about. Adoption is everywhere and a whole lot easier to explain (although it comes with a whole 'nuther piece of "baggage"), so I don't feel qualified to help you with your specific question. I would suggest, the sooner the better, in small pieces : step one, talk about how it is possible to start the process in a lab. Just basic info, don't go into too much detail.

    Sex ed is such a loaded issue, every family is different. And the horror stories I hear on the news about "personhood" -- unbelievable. Those people have no idea -- I don't want to start a soapbox rant, so I'll shut up now.

    Good luck, I know many of us come by our children in fascinating ways, and I think it is wonderful.

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