Hello everyone,

I'm a vet of these boards, as I went through IVF/ICSI in 2008 successfully. My ER yielded 12 great quality eggs, we did a 3-day transfer of 2 embies and I got pregnant with my DD, who was born in summer 2009. I was 36 years when I had her.

Fast-forward to now...I'm 40 years old. We froze 6 embryos for almost 4 years and just thawed them a week ago. I had a FET on 3/28 of 2 embies. One looked great (100%) and the other was so-so after thaw. I'm in the dreaded 2 ww now---today is 7dp5dt. I took at HPT this morning and it was negative. I realize that it may be too early, but I have read of some women getting positives this early. My beta is a week from today, but I will do another HPT this weekend.

Anyone care to share their thoughts on all this? My RE gave me a 50% chance of success, which is what he gave us for our fresh cycle, too. I think those are decent odds. I'm currently on Estrace and Endometrin (suppositories), RE told me my lining/uterus looked great before transfer.

I'm feeling a little discouraged, even though it's probably still early.
Your thoughts, please?? Thanks much.