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Thread: New here and applying for IVF scholarship

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    Default New here and applying for IVF scholarship

    Hi! My husband and I are getting our information together to apply for the IVF scholarship and getting more anxious by the minute! We are so excited and so nervous at the same time. It's actually been difficult making ourselves get the information together because, although it is very exciting and we want this more than anything, it's our last shot and once the papers are mailed there is nothing more we can do. I'm curious if there is anyone on here who has applied and been denied?? And if so, what did you do next? I don't think we have any other options after this but I can't imagine accepting that it is over. Any suggestions and/or support would be greatly appreciated! I'm assuming we are all here for the same reason so I sincerely wish you the best of luck!

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    As former infertility affected a person, I realize what it is want to live with the ailment of infertility. The INCIID Site is helpful to prevent the sensation of helplessness.Also lack of management is extremely emotional. For me, not having insurance blessings through an organization, further to being infertile, turned into like pouring salt on an open wound.
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