I am part of a campaign surrounding the documentary film which would be of interest to this community: ‘The Dark Matter of Love’. It tells with the story of three of the last Russian children able to be adopted into an American family.
After some inevitable teething problems the children flourish in their new family. Director Sarah McCarthy follows the story for two years and witnesses what a difference the love of a family can make to a child’s development. When Putin banned adoptions into the US, she realised she had a ninety minute demonstration of what children stuck in the ban were being denied.
We are currently campaigning to raise awareness of the 300+ orphans who have met and bonded with their adoptive American families, but are unable to join them.
We screened on Capitol Hill in April in conjunction with The CCAI, The National Council on Adoption and CASE, and are scheduled to premiere at the Moscow International Film Festival on June 25th.
Our Change.org Petition has over 64,000 signatures, and we are currently running a Kickstarter campaign to fund distribution of the film and a screening tour of the US and Russia.
You can visit our campaign page here:
And sign the petition here:

Our campaign has reached a new point of urgency following the tragic news that Daria, a young girl waiting to join her American adoptive parents, has passed away in her Russian orphanage.
You can read about this news and our FREE THE 300 campaign in the Washington Post here:

Please help in any way you can. Thank you.