Greetings All:

I have been struggling for three years in trying to come to terms with my husband's decision on not wanting more children. It is breaking my heart and some days are harder than others.

We tried for 10 years to have my Miracle Baby, after multiple losses and the loss of her twin which was ectopic. My dh knew how much having more than one child meant to me. He promised me we would adopt one way or the other so we could have at least two children. However, after my dd was born he changed his mind. We "argued" about it for 4 years, and the last three years I have been trying to deal with it, that he won't change his mind.

I get so heartbroken, as I love children. I am a teacher. I never wanted my dd to be an only child. I am also feeling that my heart is not completely filled. I have five angel babies in heaven. It is so hard. We were going to adopt through foster care.

Do you have any suggestions on how to cope? I really don't think he will change his mind, and it hurts inside to know that I'm not able to have more children because of this.