I have been searching endlessly for answers on my symptoms when I came across this forum. I am hoping a doctor who is knowledgeable on this subject could provide me with a few answers.

I have been having on-going weight gain for over two years now when it finally donned on me that it might be a hormonal issue. I used to compete in fitness competitions in my young twenties so I know a lot about diet and exercise and enough to know that I am eating well and exercising sufficiently. A year ago I went to a gyno who was a fertility specialist. He tested me for PCOS and the only part that came back abnormal was my androgen which was sky high. The gyno said it was enough to diagnose me with PCOS given my symptoms. My glucose was tested twice (fasting in the morning) and both was normal in the 80's. From age 14-18 I would only get my period once a year. From 18-21 only three times a year. I am now 27 and pretty much get regular periods (maybe every 30-35 days). I recently read though that women with PCOS can have regular period and not ovulate. I don't know how to tell if I have or have not been. I was having bad acne starting two years ago and serious hyperpigmentation on my skin. My breasts have also enlarged a cup size and a half over a year ago. All signs would suggest PCOS, but here is where I am confused...

I have been an egg donor three time, each time donating 20-30 eggs and I was told just about all were mature, leading to 5 successful births. Not one of my recipients miscarriaged or didn't conceive. I myself have never been pregnant, but I also have never tried. How can I have PCOS and be a successful egg donor?

I recently went for a second option and my family doctor found again that my androgen was high, my progesterone was low at 77 and my estrogen was in the 40's. Since first being diagnosed a year ago I was put on an anti-androgen and birth control. My skin cleared and I lost a few pounds. I stopped taking the anti-androgen for about 5 months and the weight came back but not the acne... do I have PCOS or not?