The diet industry is huge in the United States and consumers spend billions annually attempting to shed pounds. The latest weapon in the battle of the bulge is a high-tech fork that tells you whenever you are eating too quickly. The HAPIfork was presented at the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show in Jan. Article resource:

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Measuring eating speeds

According to Hong Kong-based HAPILABS, people eat too easily causing them to overindulge more often. The HAPIfork was designed for clinical reasons initially but now is being produced as a consumer choice.

The device is a fork that will measure patterns in your eating speed, how many bites you took and just how much time there was between bites. The utensilís handle has a USB port in it that could be taken out and plugged in to your computer to get all the info.

All about The buzz

Furthermore, if the intelligent fork thinks you are eating too quickly, it will start vibrating, alerting you -- and the others at your table, perhaps -- that you are shoveling it in at a too-rapid clip.

Eating too quickly can also cause acid reflux. Anybody with that issue will even benefit from the utensil.

There is a spoon version, too, or rather a spoon attachment that clips onto the same electronic handle.

If you need a more efficient experience, you can also get 21-day training plan with the utensil.

Eat all food with a fork

Finger foods are generally not very healthy anyway, but it is also something the system does not address. Any person that wants efficient weight loss will have to stay away from those foods on their own or try eating it with a utensil.

The HAPIfork will only work if you eat finger food with a fork or stop eating it entirely.

Soon to go on sale

It will cost about $99 to get the basic HAPIfork and HAPIspoon set when it comes out between March 1 and June 30, 2013. In the third quarter of the year, a Bluetooth version will be accessible.

Slowly chewing will help you.

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