I am a 42yo breast cancer patient on 22.5mg q 3mo of lupron x 2 years along with a AI (arimadex). Off Lupron/AI for 7 months (last dose March 2013) in an attempt for pregnancy....and no menses yet. FSH 5, estrogen undetectable until last few month and is now only 10 (Sept 2013), AMH undetectable June 2013 & Sept 2013.

First Question: Is there any chance to use a FSH - like drug or gonadotropin releasing hormone antagonist or "jump start" my ovary. Or is the AMH the final answer =no ovarian reserve and I should give up.

Second question: ALso I have Rheumatoid arthritis. Is there a possibility that autoimmune suppression (steriods) can raise my AMH levels?