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Thread: Lupron Test Before IVF Cycle

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    Default Lupron Test Before IVF Cycle

    Good Morning Dr. Roseff,

    I was hoping to start an IVF this cycle, however, my current RE uses what he calls a lupron test to determine if an IVF treatment should be started this particular cycle. He measures FSH and estradiol on Day 1 thru 3 of the cycle, then gives a very small doze of lupron shot and 16 hours later he measures estradiol again. For him to start an IVF treatment, FHS and estradiol must be 11.9 (or lower) and 30, and after lupron injection estradiol must increase by minimum of 50 (he says it must actually increase by 100, but 50 is his cut off).

    I basically "did not" pass the test because I my FSH and estradiol were 12 and 21, respectively, and after lupron my increase in estradiol was only by 44.

    My question is is this test that something is used in other practices? Would you start an IVF cycle with such results? I am 42 years old, and my other results are very similar (without lupron test): FSH 12/estradiol 26 in 02/2013, FSH 10.4/estradiol 39 in 06/2013, last FSH 12/estradiol 21 in 10/2013. My AMH was 1.17 in 03/2013.

    My RE told me that if he would have started cycle this time it would not have produced good quality eggs. He suggests repeating the test several time and waiting for "perfect" cycle to start IVF procedure. Does it sound reasonable to you or is this RE is looking for "perfect" patients?

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    One excellent review in the journal "Human Reproduction" concluded, "GAST was the least sensitive test according to ROC analysis (area under the curve = 0.48, Table III), and was relatively less accurate than the other two tests. In addition, we believe that the GAST is more invasive, expensive, and needs further standardization."

    As far as I've seen, it's very unusual for RE's perform this test.

    I hope this helps,
    Dr. Roseff
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