If you've just surfaced from your parents' basement and want to dive to the love life, cool your jets. Learning the best way to speak with a woman means you need to be casual and real. Here are a few pointers for various life situations. Resource for this article:

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Seeing her on the road

Do not bet all your chips on one street conversation since a lot of people do not want to have one. If she gives you a smile while making eye contact with you, it’s okay to start talking. Try to compliment her in a non-sexual way. Certainly, if the female is walking fast and focused, you need to not try and engage with her. If she is on the phone or has headphones in, ignore her also.

A female at a café

It is really rude to speak with someone who is on the phone or reading, but if she is just sitting there and smiling at you, feel free to speak with her. Ask if you can sit with her, and leave happy if she states no. Otherwise, you may be able to sit down and have a pleasant conversation with her.

Creepy people on public transportation

There are not a whole lot of opportunities to flirt with women on public transportation, but you might be able to get away with it. Clearly, you should not speak with her if she is reading or has her phone out, but if you do, make sure you only give her non-sexual compliments. It might not work anyway since most women are worried about creepy people talking to them on the bus.

Talk to the person serving you

Servers work for suggestions, so don't quickly mistake hospitality and a smile for an invitation into her dating life. Occasionally, there might be a few flirting signs that make it through - a whole hard wink, discreet lip-licking, et al - and if such is the case, extend yourself a little. Do not make her feel like her tip is dependent upon accepting a date with you. In fact, settle the bill early and linger for that last cup of coffee or water. Then, if things are not too busy in the restaurant and you also can catch her eye, tell her you'd like to meet her for a non-threatening cup of coffee, and ask if she'd be interested. Assuming nothing, risk just a little and if things do not take off, do not take it personally. Of course, if she writes her number on your receipt, the path is open. But that almost never takes place.

Moving the time to get home

Most people will talk to those sitting next to them when on a flight. It is a good way to pass the time. Make sure you are a really careful though not to bother a passenger who is reading a book or has headphones on. You may be going to different cities. Get social media info or a phone number if you like each other. You can tell she is interested if she is laughing and flirting a bit.

Interested girls

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