A male pretending to be a delivery driver has taken 2,100 gallons of fuel in a daring Indiana gas heist. Could he have seen a recent episode of "Breaking Bad?" You can get car finance with bad credit for a car with better gas mileage.

Criminal activity with price increase

Just as the price of gas made it largest one-day jump in a year and a half, a felony has made off with more than 2,000 gallons of liquid gold.

A male drove a tanker truck into a BP fuel station last week and said he was there to check the tank amounts. He wound up taking every last drop of gasoline that was in them. Law enforcement in Indiana is now trying to find him.

After the recent contamination issues that BP experienced, it makes sense that someone would show up to take a small amount out of the decrease to test the levels. The tanks are intended to replace the small amount of fuel before they leave. According to the police, a manager at the BP station said testing fuel was common even before contamination.

The criminal got $8,500 in hot petroleum based on the “street price” of it.

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Striking two other grocery stores

It is unknown if the same criminal hit two other grocery stores in the area or if it was a different criminal, but the BP station was not alone. Another 350 gallons were stolen from the other two.

Stealing methylamine in ‘Breaking Bad’

Just a week after an episode of “Breaking Bad” showed a comparable heist, the Indiana robbery occurred. They are fairly comparable to each other.

In the show, the three main characters Walter (Bryan Cranston), Jesse (Aaron Paul) and Mike (Jonathan Banks) stop a train with a tanker car full of methylamine. Then, they pump it all into a tank they have buried under the sand while the technicians on the train make an effort to get it started again. They needed a swimming pool full of the chemical for drug-making operations, so they just stole it.

Those crooks were out of there before they could say "howdy Honda." There was an unfortunate motorcycle complication at the end though.

The show and similar steal were not quite the same since the one in Indiana was not that bold, but it does make people wonder what television is doing to us.

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