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Thread: Multiple Miscarriage & Endometrial Receptivity

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    Question Multiple Miscarriage & Endometrial Receptivity

    Dr. Coulam,
    My wife and I began TTC in May 2012, we got pregnant in June 2012 (miscarraige at 5.5 weeks) and again in August 2012 (miscarriage at 4.1 weeks). Despite multiple attempts with clomid and time IC as well as three rounds of IUI we have not been able to conceive again.

    Our question is: It seems like each pregnancy lasted a decreasing amount of time. Is it possible that my wife has developed some sort of 'resistance' over the course of us TTC? We are very perplexed as to why we got pregnant twice at the beginning of this process and have had no luck for over a year now.

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    Yes, it is possible. You should talk with your doctor about being tested for immunologic risk factors contributing to you infertility. Dr. Coulam

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