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Thread: Metformin and miscarriage

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    I am thin PCOS ( low BMI) and have been TTC for 2 years. I just had my first pregnancy only to end in blighted ovum at 7 weeks. I was on progesterone support from the time of ovulation from Menapur injectable and IUI. I was not on metformin because when I first started TTC and was put on it, I lost so much weight due to side effects . Everything I read says it is the only thing that can reduce a PCOS patients chance of miscarriage . I want to get clotting and immune testing also but is there any way to know if metformin iOS the key. I had a D&C and it was normal.

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    Default PCOS and miscarriage

    There are some reports that have linked PCOS with miscarriage, and insulin resistance and miscarriage as well. But there are also many experts who don't feel there is enough data to truly show a link. But metformin can help lower insulin levels, which is the only medication we can use during pregnancy to help do that. If you have had only one miscarriage, then an complete evaluation for recurrent pregnancy loss may not be warranted, but you should talk about any additional testing with your physician. There are different preparations for metformin as well, and some (like the liquid form) may have fewer side effects. Unfortunately, there is no test to tell us in any woman whether metformin will be helpful with ovulation or with preventing miscarriage. It is often tried in situations like this to see if it can help, and if a pregnancy continues normally, then it isn't necessarily due to the metformin.

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