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Thread: Help! multiple PGD/IVF attempts failed... implantation

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    Default Help! multiple PGD/IVF attempts failed... implantation

    Hello - would really really appreciate help and ideas

    3 natural pregnancy - 2 stopped due to genetic deformation in the embryo skeleton at week 16, 1 didn't develop

    We know the problematic gene (25% of passing to embryo)

    I'm after 8 rounds of PGD/IVF/Frozen (over 1-2 years):
    - 5 rounds of PGD (long and short cycles)
    - 2 rounds of frozen
    - 1 round of IVF

    In all the rounds I had good response to medicine
    In all rounds I had ~10 eggs, returned 2-3 embryos, day 5 baltocist in almost all attempts, sometimes with hatching

    Histroscope is ok, uterus scanning is ok, blood clotting ok
    I tried pipel before one of the attempts, and steroids in another

    Feel like I tried everything and nothing is working
    I'm lost

    Would love ideas... thoughts... anything I can do? (we are afraid to try natural and get another sick baby)
    Can there be things in implantation we didn't think about? What can we do about them?

    many many many thanks for the help

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    Hi Kate17,
    I'm SO sorry to hear about all you've been through without success.... As a Board Certified Reproductive Endocrinologist with over 24 years of experience with patients in situations similar to yours, I can tell you it's impossible to be able to guide you without having much more information that what you've included herein. Some things I would need include, and are NOT limited to, your age, your blood test results, your partner's sperm results (if you have one), a physical examination, and ALL of your IVF lab data/reports.

    If you're interested in a real or virtual consultation (I can't examine you with a virtual visit but some patients simply can't travel certain distances to Florida), please let me know. Otherwise, while I would love to help you achieve your most precious goal, it's truly impossible (and sometimes illegal, since you're not my patient) to best guide you without seeing you and obtaining the critical information I would need to optimize your odds of success.

    Dr. Roseff in Boca Raton, FL
    Dr. Roseff - South Florida Institute for Reproductive Medicine - Boca Raton, FL
    PERSONALIZED/SUCCESSFUL Specialty care....

    As you’re not my patient, information herein may be incomplete/inaccurate & I can't be responsible for your actions. This is for educational purposes & should never be used to replace information & care rendered by your own doctor. No part of this message may be reproduced, printed, or posted elsewhere without express written authorization of Dr. Roseff or INCIID.

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    Default thank you

    Dear Dr. Roseff,
    Happy to send you all the test results and details of treatmets and schedule a virtual meeting.
    Can you share you contact details?


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