The Department of Transportation, among other bodies and the general public at large, is worried about texting while driving, which is very dangerous. Most states have texting while driving regulations which stop it, but the DOT has thrown $550,000 toward researching whether such laws have an impact. Have you been looking to purchase or sell a used or new Spokane Ford Focus? If this portrays you, schedule a test drive at Gus Johnson new cars!

Determining if bans are worth it

Drunk driving is really risky, and so is distracted driving. That is why it is important to help others keep away from it as much as possible. Governments have begun realizing that distracted driving needs to be stopped whenever possible, including things such as talking on or texting with a phone while driving. This is one of the biggest distractions.

Having a law does not mean it actually stops people, according to AutoBlog, which is why the 39 states with texting while driving regulations might not really be all that successful. The Department of Transportation would like to see if the laws are helping or not, so it issued $550,000 in grants to do a study of them.

New England tackling the issue

The grants from the DOT have been allotted to the states of Massachusetts and CT, which according to NBC News are splitting the funds equally. The majority of the funds will be spent on not only determining the efficacy of current methods, but additionally new ways for police officers to find texting while driving in the act.

There are 10 states that stop talking on the phone while driving on top of texting regulations. The idea is to make it easier for police to catch people so they are less likely to do it.

Of all tickets given in Hartford, Conn., and Syracuse, N.Y., 94 percent were for people talking on the phone and 5 percent were for texting. It I never fun to pay a ton in auto loans for a car just to get rear-ended by someone who is texting. It is hard to catch somebody texting.

Fatalities from distracted driving

It's estimated that 3,000 people perished in 2010 in accidents resulting from distracted driving, such as texting while driving. Car and Driver magazine performed a study where two drivers' reaction times and stopping distances at a red light at 35 miles per hour and 70 miles per hour, while not distracted, looking at a text, composing a text and then finally, drunk. Both performed better drunk, with a 0.08 BAC, than reading or composing a text.

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Police in Hartford and Syracuse weren't alone in finding it tough to bust people for texting behind the wheel either; KELOLand TV, a CBS affiliate in Sioux Falls, S.D., reported on Oct. 20 of this year that in the three weeks since a texting while driving ban was enacted, police had yet to issue any tickets for it. In Idaho, according to the Deseret News, that state's law against texting while driving has led to 130 tickets for it being issued since it was enacted in July 2011, with 85 convictions in traffic court.

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