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Thread: PCOS, late first trimester loss

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    Default PCOS, late first trimester loss

    Dr. Coulam,
    I was hoping to get your expert opinion on my current situation.
    Background: I have pcos, am thin, no signs of insulin resistance but elevated testosterone and LH/FSH ratio.
    First pregnancy conceived with second round clomid/metformin combo. Took met through 12 weeks.
    Surprise pregnancy (no period) once I stopped breastfeeding my son. Ended in a missed MC, baby was 11w5d. Looking back, I had very light brown spotting (only when I wiped) for a day or two early on, but no spotting after. Chromosome testing revealed normal boy.
    My question is: could low progesterone have causes a late first trimester loss like this, maybe because of poor implantation, insufficient support for development?
    Thank you in advance,

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    11weeks is a little late for a loss due to progesterone. With normal chromosomes of the loss, it is more likely due to immunologic or thrombophilic reasons. Dr. Coulam

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